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Monday, November 21, 2005

ATLANTA, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- National Health Information is pleased to announce the launch of Plastic Surgery Practice Advisor, the first and only newsletter devoted solely to the unique practice management issues of plastic surgeons.

The incredible opportunities available for board-certified plastic surgeons today are unlike those in any other specialty, and challenges and legal threats are just as unique. The public appetite for aesthetic procedures is off the charts -- but the dramatic growth in the field is a double-edged sword, bringing not only a huge upside, but also a host of difficult legal and practice management challenges.

Each month, Plastic Surgery Practice Advisor provides detailed coverage of specific concerns and challenges with actionable advice and specialty-specific guidance. This dynamic new publication is so valuable, in fact, that it has been endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.(R)

"Plastic surgeons are busier than ever today. Given the myriad clinical advancements and the skyrocketing number of patients seeking aesthetic procedures, these practitioners are helping more patients than ever before," says Lynn Yoffee, associate publisher of Plastic Surgery Practice Advisor. "But there's a business and legal side to every practice and considering our intensely litigious society, it just makes sense for these physicians to build an armamentarium of tools that will protect against liability, boost revenues and ensure long-term practice stability and growth. We think Plastic Surgery Practice Advisor fills that niche's need and, in fact, so does the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as demonstrated by their unique endorsement of this valuable resource."

The August issue of Plastic Surgery Practice Advisor includes the following features:

- Avoid malpractice claims with a careful screening process
- Trust your gut when interviewing patients
- Watch for these red flags during patient screening
- How to get the most out of your before & after pictures
- Does your website really bring in patients? Don't be so sure
- Stop and take a critical look at your marketing campaign

A free, three-month trial subscription is available. Twelve monthly issues of Plastic Surgery Practice Advisor are offered for $367. ASPS members pay $267. (Candidates for membership and residents pay only $217.) To place an order by credit card, call toll-free (800) 597-6300 or order online at

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